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README: Room For Squares
November 5th
14:20 +8GMT

This is a test post

Move along. Nothing to see here.

July 28th
00:36 +8GMT

I should have met you three years ago. Or well, when you were younger (and maybe I could’ve been a bit older, like some time-traveller). The old you was so awesome and hilarious. We would’ve been best friends. Or something.

Not that the new you isn’t any more interesting. But I can’t dwell too much on that, so I’ll just focus on the impossible, like us being time-travelling best buddies. Or something.

September 21st
23:10 +8GMT
22:56 +8GMT

everyone is gay: "I keep having dreams where I'm dating a beautiful girl and then half way through she turns into an animal. Obviously I...


-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

It means you’re afraid to get too close. Once you do, you’ll afraid it’ll turn into something you don’t understand. You meet someone you really like, you have a nice time for a while, but when things start to morph into something more, you’d…

September 17th
23:08 +8GMT
"Thank you for your compliment. My brain is currently experiencing a self-esteem error, and kind words cannot be processed at this time. Your kindness has been archived for future consideration."
—  How rude of me. Thanks for inspiring this Venus!
August 5th
14:18 +8GMT

An RH Bill "Culture"?

It’s sad because the Church fails to see that the culture HAS changed. “Cerrado Catolico” beliefs are not the only beliefs, and even “believers” aren’t as obedient to Catholic teachings. 

This fear is valid, but the Church’s stand—while well-meaning—is sadly naive and overly idealistic. They can’t expect (and certainly not force) every single person in the country to act in what they deem is the “right” way. There are a million possible scenarios regarding family, sex, and relationships, and the RH Bill is the best, most practical way to address most of them. 

Yes, teach them values. Teach against the objectification of women, and discourage promiscuous sexual behavior. But do it hand-in-hand with a tangible, government-funded program which provides education and adequate healthcare.

It’s about time this country developed a culture of informed decision-making and taking responsibility for one’s actions, versus that of blind obedience and doing absolutely nothing while leaving it all to faith/fate.

June 28th
14:59 +8GMT
June 26th
20:27 +8GMT
June 12th
14:11 +8GMT
Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

14:05 +8GMT